About SpeedGo Computing
SpeedGo Computing is a high tech software company based in Singapore providing parallel programming courses and software consultation services in Singapore and Malaysia. SpeedGo Computing has a dynamic team of computer scientists and mechanical engineers specialized in parallel programming on multi-processor systems with more than 10 years of experience. Our experience ranges from scheduling for parallel computers, parallel simulations, to optimizing CFD, graphics rendering and meshing algorithms.

As a team with diversified background from various parts of high performance computing and applications, software running on multiple processors is no longer restraint only in research labs, our rich experience in different industry definitely help to nurture parallel programming and high performance software development in a more ubiquitous and accessible way. We aim to provide practical solutions for both computer and non-computer proficient software developers and application users the ease of harnessing multi-processor systems cost effectively.

With the advent of multi-core processors and programmable GPU with unified architecture, having TeraFlops machines in-house is becoming affordable and practical. However, the degree of software lagging from harnessing these hardware effectively is surprisingly high, given that parallel programming has been studied for decades. Young software developers tend to have misconceptions that software is able to automatically utilize all the computing cores available. On the other hand, application users tend to believe their software is able to run as fast as the processor is capable of.

We, SpeedGo Computing as a team, with priviledged accesses to parallel machines for many years, are ready to provide quality consultation and software development services on multi-core processors and GPU. You can count on us to provide our very best counsel for your maximum benefit, advancing your software technology to the next level. Every performance improvement counts.